Wednesday, December 15, 2010


So im at school right now thinking about my bio final that starts in about an hour, and I AM FREAKING OUT!!! I hope I do okay on this final... if not... I dont even want to think about it. all i want to think about is having a mini party with my friends tonight to celebrate that finals are over!!! thursday is the official day the semester is done, but I have work thursday so we're hanging out today to celebrate and do semi stupid things. Hope we dont get into too much trouble, cause I have another final tomrrow =P.

What sucks though is that in the back of my head, I keep on thinking about my friends on the mainland and how Im stuck on an island and theyre so far away from me. They need more than my voice to help them, just yeah. I miss certain people or person right now and it sucks. You know what else sucks? that when a person talks about love and how they cant find that one person, all Im thinking in my head is; why not fcking open your eyes and let me be that person. yeah nuff said gotta get back to studying

again nankurunaisa I guess